It is widely believed that cancer only strike at the old and those with unhealthy lifestyles. The smokers, the unfit, the meat eaters and so on and on. But this is not true at all. Cancer can strike at anybody at any time. The fit, young, sporting individual can also get cancer or in some cases, children are born with cancer. Leukemia strike more children than adults.

Cancer does not know age or gender or color. It is a disease that all need to take note of, even the young. I do agree that there are environmental factors that contribute to more individuals getting cancer and that the elderly are more prone to cancer.

I received news that a 17 year old boy was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Just goes to show that even an active school going individual can get prostate cancer. I hope that he was diagnosed in time that the prostate cancer can be successfully treated. In the event that the treatment is successful, I will send an invitation to this young man to make the drive with us as part of the team that will cross so many countries to bring the message of early detection leads to early treatment.

I believe that he will be able to make the journey with us to bring the message across that it is not just the old that can get cancer.

It is imperative that if your body tells you that there is something wrong, you visit your doctor to get an opinion and get tested for cancer.

If there are anybody that would like to support the Cancer awareness drive, please do not hesitate to visit for information on the drive as well as the route and dates.

Good health to all.