It would seem that these days I hear of another funeral taking place for a loved one that passed away from cancer. This time it was a youngster in his late thirties that passed away from cancer due to the fact that he did not pay attention to what his body was telling him. Even when the signals were clear, he delayed to get medical assistance as his work was more important than his health.
Eventually, with the insistence from his family, he went to the doctor and got tested. The tests came back positive for cancer cells in the blood sample. Further tests confirmed that he had cancer. Barely two months later his family had to prepare to bury a father, brother, son and friend. Now the family that are left behind need to deal with the consequence of a father that did not take note of indications that something was wrong.
This is one of the main reasons that I need to do this Awareness Drive. I need to ensure that all are made aware that if your body give indication that there is something not well, go to your medical practitioner and if need be, get tested for cancer. It could save your life and the heart ache that this family need to deal with now.