As you all know by now, the drive is about early detection of cancer in the body and that my father was diagnosed with cancer too late for the doctors to do anything for him.
It has been a difficult time this last year to see him getting so frail and the cancer consuming him bit by bit every day. It has affected the whole family and in a way the whole family is sick just like my father.
Just after being diagnosed with the fatal prostate cancer, the family did not know really how to deal with my fathers illness. But with time and by talking with a lot of people that has either been through cancer themselves or lost family because of cancer, the family has learned to accept the fact that we are going to lose m father to the cancer and it is just a matter of time before it will happen. 
The only difference between my father and the rest of the family is that he has been informed about his expiry date where the rest of us do not know it at all and think that we will live forever and a day. 
My father have the time to get all his affairs in order so that nothing is left to chance once he has left this earth. With the rest of the family, anything can happen tomorrow and there will be incomplete things that will need to be resolved by the family after the member has left the earth.
The message that us as a family have learned, live every day as if it is your last day on earth and ensure that your affairs are in order so that if something happen to any member of the family, there is no problems afterwards.
All must have a healthy day and be prepared as you do not know your expiry date.