A lot of attention is placed on the Cancer patient, but little focus is placed on the families of the patient with cancer. It is well known that the patient with cancer suffer, but the family of the patient lso suffer just as much if not more than the patient.
There are psycological impacts that the family need to deal with while the patient is suffering and then they need to suffer even more after the patient has passed away. There are deep psycologicalscars that are left after the patient passed away. One of the scars is survivors guilt, the question they keep asking themselves, "why not me?" And this question haunt them even more if it is  a child that passed from the disease. The resentment towards their faith ad the question of why their specific deity did not save the loved one.
It is always advisable that the families meet with other families that lost a loved one to the disease. There the members have a chance to share their pain with others that know what the family is going through and they can also offer support and advice as to the best way to deal with the guuilt and the pain.
If you lost a loved one to the disease, share with others and reach out to the community. Just remember that you are not the only one in the community that lost a loved one to the disease.