During this week, I have been reminded again how fragile life is. Many years ago we had a Alsatian that was diagnosed with brain cancer and we did the mercifully thing and had him put out as soon as we noticed that he was in severe pain and did not want to eat anymore. It basically broke our hearts to see the way the cancer was slowly eating up our beloved pet. This week I was reminded of that episode again when a good friend of mine informed me that one of his pets was also diagnosed with a form of cancer. 
Last night when we visited, i saw the dog was still full of life and still had spirit. But the fact that his cancer is beyond treatment, is something that the owner still need to come to terms with. It is really sad when a person sees their best friend starting to fade as the cancer takes it's toll.
Then I started to look a little further and found statistics of research that was done, that cancer in domestic pets is as high as in humans. I also found that animals like cattle are more and more dying from cancer than before. 
some researchers into the field of animal cancer state that there might be a link between the cancer and the pesticides sprayed in their vicinity or on the feed that they consume. Research is being conducted into the links with all the additives that are being added to the animal feeds and the prevalence of cancer in domesticated animals.