Good day All
I went on a so called Vegan diet for a couple of weeks. The diet consisted of all fruit and vegetable products where no animal products are involved except honey. The diet went well and I started to feel better after a couple of days. Yet after a week of the diet, I started to crave some protein. Eventually I gave into my craving and had some fish. Yes, I know that fruit and veg contain some protein.
The decision was made that once a week, I will allow myself to have some type of fish in the diet. This solved my protein need and this diet is working great for me. My body feels better than it did in years. Some of the pains and aches that I were suffering from for a long time, are gone. My body feel clean and more energetic than it have in years.
The main things that I took out of my normal diet, is any processed foods, red meat like beef and lamb, white sugar, any dairy. There are also many ways to prepare the foods for a meal, but my favorite is steaming. Even with the fish, I steam it.
Make today the changes and start to enjoy a healthier body and clearer mind. Try this type of diet for one week and evaluate your health and weight to see if this type of diet is for you. Remember to enjoy the cancer fighting vegetables in the diet.