Faith is one of the things that humans can not live without. It can be faith in any God that you ascribe to, but what happens when you receive the news that you are terminal with Cancer? 

In some cases, the person get so angry at their specific God that they start cursing that God for allowing this thing to happen to them. They break all ties with the religion for allowing this evil disease to happen to them. They start looking for answers in all the unlikeliest of places. Some turn to fortune tellers, others to tarot cards and so on.

Yet the diagnoses of some bring them closer to their God and they realize that there is a purpose with anything that happens in their lives. Some start to get so fanatical about their religion that they do not even seek treatment for their condition. 
Yet others that get closer to their religion will not allow a doctor to even suggest any treatment as this would defile their bodies with chemicals that is not natural to their bodies.

It is so interesting what the religion does to the families of the sufferer. Some play the blame game; they try to blame everybody and all creation for their misfortune of contracting this disease. Some families stand together in faith and allow the doctors to do what they need to do in order to heal the cancer if not detected too late. Some are healed completely with the medication that are being used, as they have faith in their God, in the doctors and in the medications being used.-and the cancer was detected early enough.

What reaction will you have towards your faith when you go in for a normal scan and they inform you that you have cancer?