When I tell people the way that the message was given to me about the drive I get varied responses. Some are very positive and then there are those that just want to make fun of anothers faith. Some of these replies to an article that I posted about the drive are as follow:

Charles Dumbwin - July 17, 2012
 Is this for real? Who do you think was talking to you? 

Bergie - July 17, 2012 
 it was the vooooices. . . . . .woooo hooo hooooooooo 

zaatheist - July 17, 2012  
I this some scummy scam to promote yourself - it sure looks as though you are abusing the News24.

paulthebok - July 17, 2012 
Hey za, this is the first time I give you a thumbs up , damn it feels stange , haleluiah ...MIRCLES DO HAPPEN! 

zaatheist - July 17, 2012 
Oh Paul, I feel so proud! 

Franco - July 17, 2012 
"if they have themselves tested on a regular basis, they will live longer." 
Now why didn't any of those stupid scientists think of that !? 

Hugh_Influence - July 17, 2012 
I get my girlfriend to play with my nuts at least three times a day, so far, no lumps - but she understands the importance of checking, juuust to make sure. 

Franco - July 17, 2012 
If it was my specific god that spoke to you, then I will endorse your mission fully. 
If not, then you are obviously demented. 

Charles Dumbwin - July 17, 2012 
that's an incredibly pig-headed answer. As expected 

Franco - July 17, 2012
That was the intent - thank you. 

RodinsThinker - July 17, 2012 
You're too subtle for some! :-)

Ratfink66 - July 17, 2012  
C'mon, you gotta allow at least 2 gods for this, 3 at a push. I'll nominate Budda, Rani and Lewis Hamilton.

dewalds3 - July 17, 2012 
I was told by a voice to help curb the spread of HIV by wining and dining prostitutes and checking if they have condoms in their handbags, before paying them a double fee for their services if they do have it. Check my website at wineanddineahoe and please donate to this worthy cause.

Hugh_Influence - July 17, 2012 
Who deleted my BWAAAHAHAHAHA!

Templar - July 17, 2012 
Lay off the weed man, its screwing with your head.

Bergie - July 17, 2012  
I fink u freeky

SeanBergie - July 17, 2012 
me toooooo

jacowium - July 17, 2012 
I met the members of the first pole2pole team who completed their trek in 2000, and am still in friendly contact with most of them. A more swell and level-headed group of youngsters I can't dream of meeting, ever again. Such a pity to see that an element of dementia has since been introduced.

lacoste.mokwena - July 17, 2012  
Did yu manage to recover any of your goods? Next time slip a gun under your pillow and blast to kingdom come anybody who sneaks on you in the dark. 

qhuggett - July 17, 2012 
A voice in your head.... seek help immediately! 

vernon.wolf - July 17, 2012  
to be tested regularly... most prophetic indeed

Hugh_Influence - July 17, 2012  
Funny thing is that Autism is bigger than Cancer and AIDS combined.

I do not mind the ridicule that I will need to endure during the planning stages of this cancer awareness drive being planned for 2014, but it is usually the first individuals that ask God what they did wrong to deserve the cancer in their bodies and then they expect an answer. 
This drive is not about religion, but about bringing awareness to those that are like these individual’s, to stubborn to accept that any person can get cancer at any time and that they need to get tested when they feel something is wrong and not postpone it like so many people do.