I have been busy with raising awareness of the drive through the Internet as my main form of communication. I have done flyer's that have been distributed locally. There has been a couple of events that I went to to spread the word on the drive. The response from the people is positive in general and a couple called me crazy to attempt this drive. 
I usually do things for one purpose and one purpose only, Me. But this drive is not about me and I have shocked many people that know me when I announced the drive. They can not believe that there is nothing in it for me. I dedicate this drive to all that lost a loved one to the disease, to those that have to live with the disease, to those that beat the disease and those that paid the ultimate price battling this disease.
I will be dong the drive alone if need be, in the event that I do not get any other sponsors. But if I need to do the drive on foot, then that will be done. This drive is a mission that I have to complete or my life will have less meaning. I am dedicated to complete this drive, walk or crawl dependent on the support that I can get. 
I hope that there will be at least two survivors to accompany me on this journey and I hope with generous sponsorship and donations to complete this drive by the 21st of December 2014. 
Please support me to ensure that this drive can happen and that I don't have to walk all the way.