Morning all, This is a part of a project that I hate the most, asking for money from strangers. But, what it comes down to is that without the strangers contribution to the project, there will be no success in the project as the Drive would take 10 to 20 times as long to complete than the planned 12 months. It is frustrating for me as I am not use to ask for money and don't really know how to do it. But, every day is a learning day for me through the project. 
I have learned so much about people and companies over the last 11 months while planning this Cancer Awareness Drive 2014. I have learned that most people have been scammed so many times that when a legitimate project comes their way asking for support and contribution, the first thing most would do is delete the message. Some would read the message and then delete it. Very few would actually have the guts to open the web link that would be with the message to see what the project is all about in fear that it might be a virus of some sort or another.
Then there are the one or two that would actually page through the site and make contact. It is these one or two that can make the world of difference to a project like this. They can assist in various ways by spreading the message that is intended or they can become part of the project or lastly they can contribute funds or resources that is vital to the completion of a project of this scale.
The main problem of raising funds and sponsorship for a project like the drive is that, if a well known person approach a company or other people, these companies and people would be very willing to get their names attached to the project. The problem comes in, I am not rich, well known entertainer or business man approaching them, I am an ordinary person that ask for their assistance and contributions. For this reason they do not want to see the project for what it is, they see a person of no importance that is there with a proposal and it is very easy just to show him the door.
It is for this reason that I find it very difficult to get access to the right people to help me make a difference in the lives of other people.
Are you willing to contribute to the message and not the person?