Yesterday I started with the planning for a Drive Fund raising stall at the local airfield on their Fly-inn day held on the 14th of April 2012. The stall will sell ribbon pins and other goodies to raise funds for the Drive. All profits will go directly into the Drives investment account. More and more events will be planned during the year to raise the awareness of the Drive. There will be a couple of Bingo evenings, Barbecue Challenges,  a ladies tea morning held at the various churches in the area, and other events that will make the Drive known.
One of my friends that I was totally crazy to attempt this type of drive, and I told him that it is for a good cause and to honor my father that is also a sufferer of prostate cancer. The drive is there to make people aware of the fact that if they detect cancer early, it can be treated early. The secondary function of the drive is that of fund-raising for Cancer South Africa (Cansa) and for Hospice Palliative Care that does wonderful work for patients in their final days. They rely totally on donations to do their work and without donations, they will not be able to care for the terminally ill patients. Hospice does not only cater for cancer patients, but for all under privileged terminal patients.   
After the answer, this friend of mine started to support the Drive.