“I have given you the seed for the harvest, and you have prepared the fields and sown the seeds. Now it is up to Me to show you that I will not give you work to do invaine. I will bring you rain and sunshine to make the seeds grow and bear fruit so that you can eat and share your harvest with all that is in need. You will still need to weed the fields to ensure that the weeds do not overwhelm the harvest. Believe in Me for I am the Lord your God that gave you the means to carry on. I will take care of the harvest as well as you during this journey and as long as you believe in Me, I will look after you.”

“As you have done what I requested you to do, so will I do what I promised you all that time ago. This is My words, heed them and cherish them.”


The drive is a mission that I must complete does not matter what obstacles are placed along the way. This is a mission that was given to me and weather you believe in God or not, heed His words that he has given me.

We are given opportunities in life that come along our way on a regular basis, but it is up to us to see the opportunity before it goes us by. In life we must make the most of what is given to us, and the Pole2poleandback drive is an example of a direct instruction of an opportunity that need to be done, not for myself, but for others. We can not only take opportunities that will be to our own betterment, but sometimes we need to place others needs before our own and help them in any way that we can.