In many countries December is a time when the schools are finished for the year and it is holiday time. You and your family prepare to go away for the break and everything is being prepared. Dad takes the car in for a service, mom make sure the shopping is done, the children just attempt to get some rest in after a long year at school.
Once everything is packed in the car, clothes, toys, children, mom and dad, the journey can begin to a destination pre-planned.
Along the route to the destination something happens to the car. Agh, a breakdown. But dad had the car checked before the journey and still something happened to delay the journey. But because dad had the car serviced before time, the delay is short and the breakdown minor.
Cancer can hit at any time of your life, does not matter how prepared you are. If you do not have regular checks done, the cancer can catch you off guard and postpone your journey.Some will reach their destinations while some journeys will be cut short.
Just remember, just because it is holiday time, cancer does not take holidays and carry on with the work destroying lives.