How many people does it take to make a breakthrough in the field of Cancer? It takes one person to make the breakthrough, but it takes the support of millions of people to get to the stage where the breakthrough can be made. Thousands of people are busy with research into a cure for cancer, but it takes only one to identify a cure, then it takes a lot of people to verify the results of the one persons research.
The question that need to be asked. "are you assisting with the research that might save your life or that of your children one day?" Most people would answer, "I don't have cancer, so why should it concern me?"
The answer to that question is a simple one. "Cancer affect all of us in one way or another at some stage in our lives. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow but when it affect you as a person personally, would you say to yourself "what if?""
Do not try to make a difference when you are directly affected, make a difference when you are still healthy and able to make a difference. Make a difference today.