As there will be 17 recreational vehicles used during this drive, 5 Snow mobiles, 5 Jet Skis and 7 Motorcycles/CanAm Roadsters depended on the sponsorships, we will also hope to get permission to have these vehicles as prizes at the end of the drive with all their sponsorship logos and markings.

Two of the vehicles will be put on public auction (permission Dependant) while the rest of the vehicles will be handed to individuals that donated to the drive. 

The idea is that for every $100 that you donate, 1 entry will be given to you that will give you a chance to get one of the vehicles. This is only open to individual persons. So, the more you donate the better your chances would be to get one of the 15 vehicles. Unfortunately the support vehicles will remain the property of the companies that sponsor them. The draw will take place at the end of the drive when we reach the South Pole. 

In the end we would like to raise as much monies for Cansa and Hospice Palliative Care as possible.