This past week up to this morning has been an interesting one. Two small milestones reached. Firstly 50 likes on the Face Book page. It has taken a while to reach this figure, but worth it, now just to reach another 999 950 likes to reach the goal of 1 million likes. I know I would like to make an impact on more than a million lives with the drive, but every journey starts with but a single step. Secondly, this morning I managed to complete a 75 page planning document that took months to research and prepare. This document sets out details on the drive and now it is tome for it to be proofed to ensure I did not forget anything that would jeopardize the drive
It is only with the help and the grace of God that I have managed to get this far with the planning. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with possible supporters of the drive to get their input into the drive as well as very needed donations. This planning phase has cost me a bundle, but it is not about the money, it is about completing a quest that i believe God gave me to do.
Good health to all.