Many individuals receive the message on a daily basis that they do not want to hear. "Mr./Mrs./Miss./Ms., it saddens me to inform you that the diagnoses is Cancer." The rest of the conversation with the medical practitioner is usually not even hear till the shock of the word Cancer sinks in.  Then the individual start to ask the question, "how long doctor?". The diagnoses of the progression of cancer differ in every case. They gave my father minimum 6 months, and that was in August last year. Many times when the Cancer is diagnosed early the cancer can be successfully treated with a range of treatments, but there are some cancers that can not be cured, just controlled.
Only once the family of the individual are informed are they usually ready to get involved with some type of Cancer organization. It is truly sad that only once a person close to you are affected with this disease are they willing to contribute to the research into cancer cures and think that the cure is around the corner before the loved one passes away. To think that if they got involved earlier, there could have been more scientists involved with the research to save the lives of the affected.
The more people that are willing to get involved with the search for a cure for cancer, the faster a cure will be found that will make a difference in so many peoples lives.
The only problem that I can see with the cure for cancer is the exploitation of the cure by pharmaceutical companies that would want to make maximum profits but more on the topic later.