Good day all, 
These pages is not intended to give medical advice as I am not a medical doctor. The web site is here to inform the public about the Cancer Awareness drive and to provide handy links that will give the newly diagnosed cancer sufferer  easier access to information from web sites that I have linked to the web site.
If you suspect that you might be suffering or showing any symptoms of possible cancer, please visit your local medical practitioner for a consultation.
I find it actually quite amazing that there are individuals that think that this web site is here to give medical advise, yet on the Home page, it is clearly indicated that this site is about the Cancer Awareness drive that is being planned for 2014. The calender for the trip is basically complete and just the final leg details need to be completed before I can publish the details of where the Drive will be when.
I will notify all on FaceBook and Twitter once the Calender is available on the web site and I hope to be able to see all of you while doing the drive when we are in a city near you.
For now, have a good evening.