Milestone reached.

October 10, 2012
This past week up to this morning has been an interesting one. Two small milestones reached. Firstly 50 likes on the Face Book page. It has taken a while to reach this figure, but worth it, now just to reach another 999 950 likes to reach the goal of 1 million likes. I know I would like to make an impact on more than a million lives with the drive, but every journey starts with but a single step. Secondly, this morning I managed to complete a 75 page planning document that took months to research and prepare. This document sets out details on the drive and now it is tome for it to be proofed to ensure I did not forget anything that would jeopardize the drive
It is only with the help and the grace of God that I have managed to get this far with the planning. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with possible supporters of the drive to get their input into the drive as well as very needed donations. This planning phase has cost me a bundle, but it is not about the money, it is about completing a quest that i believe God gave me to do.
Good health to all.


God and the force behind the Drive

October 6, 2012

“I have given you the seed for the harvest, and you have prepared the fields and sown the seeds. Now it is up to Me to show you that I will not give you work to do invaine. I will bring you rain and sunshine to make the seeds grow and bear fruit so that you can eat and share your harvest with all that is in need. You will still need to weed the fields to ensure that the weeds do not overwhelm the harvest. Believe in Me for I am the Lord your God that gave you the means to carry on. I wil...

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The weed in our bodies.

October 4, 2012

Cancer is like a weed, if you catch it early and treat it, you can beat it. If allowed to seed, eventually the whole field would be covered with the weed. Cancer, if not treated in the early stages and treated, it would overrun your body and destroy any chances of eradicating it from your body. The main message of the pole2poleandback drive is to encourage the early detection of any possible cancers in the body.

Cancer stays localized in one place till enough of the one organ is infected,...

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6-Year-Old Justin Bieber Fan Avalanna Routh Dies Of Cancer

September 27, 2012
It's heartbreaking to report that Avalanna Routh, whose Facebook campaign allowed her to spend a day with her idol Justin Bieber last Valentine's Day, has died of brain cancer on Wednesday at just 6 years old.

When Bieber heard wind of the campaign that garnered over 12,000 supporters, the pop star invited Routh and her family to spend the day with him in Manhattan for a special Valentine's Day date.

The girl, who called herself "Mrs. Bieber" having held her own adorable wedding to the singer, ...
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Planning Progress for the drive

September 23, 2012
Good evening all,
 The planning has been progressing at a reasonable rate. Days are getting fewer to get everything in place for the drive. With the lack of commitment from more sponsors, things are getting a little tougher. I am still sending out a lot of letters to potential sponsors and sometimes I will get "read receipts" and sometimes just an auto-responder stipulating that "somebody will be in contact soon" but most of the time I do not get any reply.
 It is surprising that companies woul...
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Cancer Diagnosis

September 21, 2012
How is cancer diagnosed?

There is no single test that can accurately diagnose cancer. The complete evaluation of a patient usually requires a thorough history and physical examination along with diagnostic testing. Many tests are needed to determine whether a person has cancer, or if another condition (such as an infection) is mimicking the symptoms of cancer.

Effective diagnostic testing is used to confirm or eliminate the presence of disease, monitor the disease process, and to plan for and e...
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Childhood Cancer Symptoms

September 19, 2012
Child Cancer Symptoms

Signs of Childhood Cancer

Continued, unexplained weight loss

Headaches, often with early morning vomiting

Increased swelling or persistent pain in bones, joints, back, or legs

Lump or mass, especially in the abdomen, neck, chest, pelvis, or armpits

Development of excessive bruising, bleeding, or rash

Constant infections

A whitish colour behind the pupil

Nausea which persists or vomiting without nausea

Constant tiredness or noticeable paleness

Eye or vision changes which occur sudde...
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Nelson Mandela

September 16, 2012
Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and Nobel peace prize winner, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001 at the age of 83.

Mandela is most famous for his life-long work to end apartheid and bring about fully representative democracy in South Africa. He was held as a political prisoner for 27 years before his release in 1990.

Mandela underwent 7 weeks of radiation therapy in 2001 as the primary treatment for his prostate cancer. Since undergoing treatment, there have been no sub...
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Medical Cannabis

September 12, 2012
Recent studies
Safety of cannabis

Various strains of medical marijuana in front of a vaporizer

Cannabis smoke contains thousands of organic and inorganic chemical compounds. This tar is chemically similar to that found in cigarette smoke and includes many of the same carcinogens.[53]

A statement from a source in the US Department of Justice in 1988 said, "Nearly all medicines have toxic, potentially lethal effects. But cannabis is not such a substance. There is no record in the extensive ...
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Cancer and Euthanasia

September 5, 2012

This is a story that hit close to home when I read it and thought about all those patients that are kept alive for as long as possible by artificial means and costs.

What quality of life does the patient have?

Who makes the monies by keeping the patient alive?

Is it not the choice of the patient or the family when there is no more hope for recovery to be able to request that they are put out of their misery?


Her Euthanasia Pleas Ignored, Slum Girl Loses Battle to Cancer: “Blood ...

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About Me

I am the organizer of the Pole2poleandback drive for the awareness of cancer and to raise funds for two of our indispensable NGO's that rely almost solely on donations. The reason for the drive is my mission to make more aware of cancer and that early detection can lead to effective treatment.


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