Good evening all,
 The planning has been progressing at a reasonable rate. Days are getting fewer to get everything in place for the drive. With the lack of commitment from more sponsors, things are getting a little tougher. I am still sending out a lot of letters to potential sponsors and sometimes I will get "read receipts" and sometimes just an auto-responder stipulating that "somebody will be in contact soon" but most of the time I do not get any reply.
 It is surprising that companies would spend millions of dollars on some sport events, yet they will not donate a dime to a worthy cause. What might the reasoning be behind this attitude from some sponsors? I do not have the answer to this, but all I know, is that without these sponsors, the drive will happen even if I need to walk and hike the total distance. It might not take 11 months, it might take 11 years to complete, but it will happen. 
I believe the sponsors will see the value in the advertising potential around the drive. Being linked with the drive will give potential sponsors extra support in areas that they have not even thought of exploring. 
I just wish more would believe in the drive and the value to the people that my message would reach. 
I believe that if there is one person at every city that the drive would pass through, would think about getting tested and find that there is cancer in their system that they have not felt the effects of, and get treated early and successfully, the drive has reached it's goal.
The reaching of the second goal of the drive is just as important as the first. If there is a seed planted within the communities to establish family support groups. The families suffer just as much as the patient and sometimes even more than the patient. With a support network around them, these families can get through the trauma with support from others.