A lot of work has gone into the planning of the drive so far. The route has been planned, the first of the sponsors has been signed up and the requirement lists for the drive has been planned. Now we require donations and a lot more sponsors. And how do we intend getting the sponsors you may ask? Well, we will be traveling a lot over the next couple of months attending meetings with company heads in order to secure the required sponsorships to enable the drive to take place.
As for donations to fund the travel have been a little slow, I have been using my own funds to ensure that things keep going and the planning can continue. 
As for other resources, little has been forthcoming, and that make things a little more difficult for me to ensure that the drive happen. Someone asked me the other day, what will happen if you do not get the sponsorships that you require to make the drive happen? My answer was honest and short. If I have to walk all the way and swim all the way, the drive will happen as this is a mission that I am on. It might then take much longer to do the drive, but one thing is sure, the drive will happen with or without donations, sponsors or donations.
As to continue the funding of the drive, I am contemplating selling my house to make sure that I have sufficient funds for the drive. Once I return from the drive, be it in December 2014 or December 2020, I will start again and plan the following drive for a worthy cause.