Today is the 23rd of December 2012. It has now been 15 months since my father was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. It has been a difficult period in the lives of every family member since the news of the Prostate cancer. The doctors gave my father initially 3 months and last Christmas he showed no sign of deterioration. He kept on doing his thing and nobody that saw him would have said that he has terminal cancer.
That was a year ago, but unfortunately in the last couple of weeks, his health has taken a downward spiral. The doctors suspect that the cancer has spread throughout his body and he is getting weaker at a rapid rate. His skeleton has started giving problems and it is very difficult for him to walk. His memory is busy going and he is no constantly on medication that assist with the pain that he is experiencing.The family is very concerned with the rapid rate of deterioration of his health, but he has been given a year longer than was predicted. 
My brother is moving closer to help with the support function as my mothers health is also not good at all. So the fact that my brother is also moving closer relieve some of the psychological pressure from me as we will both now share the burden of both parents. He is staying with them for a couple of days to ensure that there is somebody permanently with them over this festive season.
I would like to thank him for his help and his support for this project that is fast approaching. Without his help, the planning for the drive would stagnate due to me spending so much time at my parents house.
I would also like to take this time to wish all the supporters of the drive a merry Christmas and for those that do not celebrate Christmas, I would like to wish you peace and health during this period. The new year will bring new challenges to us all and I believe it will be a great year for all.