The small town of Parys in the Free State province of South Africa held their annual Relay for life. This relay is held to celebrate those that survived cancer through early detection and treatment, and remembered tose that lost their battle with some type of cancer. 
As usual, it was a memorable evening and because it hit so much closer to home for me this time around, this relay had greater meaning for me personally. I know that next year, there will be a candle burning around the course for my father that will not be with our family next year so that he can also be remembered as one of those that lost his life to cancer.
The event was well attended as cancer affect a lot of lives and not only the person suffering , but the family of the person an a whole. 
There are persons today suffering with cancer that are not even aware of the fact that have some type of cancer. Sooner or later their body will start to show signs of the cancer and then it might be to late for them to.