Today, it might be my last birthday I spend with my father. I am hoping that the cancer will not take him out of our midst before the drive start in 2014, but the prognosis is a dire one.

I want to spend as much time with him as possible but it is not always possible. There is so much that we never had the chance to discuss, but due to the fact that I am aware that he is on his way, it actually gives us the opportunity to talk things out that have bothered us both for years that we avoided discussing all this time.

I know if my father pass away today, that we said what we needed to say to each other and there will not be this feeling of resentment about things being unsaid.

A small thing like a conversation that did not end well between two individuals, can ruin the way a person perceive life after the other person is gone. Guilt and resentment can play a big role in one’s life after the loss of a loved one.

For this reason I think it is best that any conversation between 2 people must have a definite conclusion and an end where if one party is never seen again, there will be no residual guilt felt years down the line.