Tonight I watched the Movie, "The Bucket List" again and it came to me that does not matter how much money or how little one have, Cancer can strike any person. The man with the average money, had the support of his whole family in his last days while the person with all the money in the world, had nobody. Money is not as important as family. While you as an individual spend most of your time making as much money as possible, you might drive away the people that you will need in your last days.
Is money more important than family? The definite answer is no, family and friends are more important than all the money in the world. Money can not buy you happiness or true friends. Yet, many make money their religion and the making as much money in the time available, yet they do not really live. They have many friends, but how many of those friends will remain once the money disappear? I can tell you, not many. Only a true friend does not care how much you have or have not and they will stand by you in difficult times. in the movie the two men spend their last months together and the man with all the money learn the most valuable lesson of all. There is no substitute for friends and family when you as an individual are down and on your way out.
Is it not time that we as individuals make peace with the ones that wronged us in the past. Stop the fighting within the family because a disease like Cancer can strike at any time.