Cancer is like a weed, if you catch it early and treat it, you can beat it. If allowed to seed, eventually the whole field would be covered with the weed. Cancer, if not treated in the early stages and treated, it would overrun your body and destroy any chances of eradicating it from your body. The main message of the pole2poleandback drive is to encourage the early detection of any possible cancers in the body.

Cancer stays localized in one place till enough of the one organ is infected, then the seed of destruction in the body would start to spread and overwhelm the body's defenses. It would spread from one organ to another till the body is incapable of sustaining itself.

The moment your body informs you that something is out of the ordinary, ensure that you investigate by visiting your physician and be truthful during the consultation. Does not matter how embarrassing it might be for you during the examination; just remember one thing, that embarrassing moment might save your life?

I know that men do not like to visit doctors, but just know, rather make that appointment and get certainty about your condition, or, if you leave it for too long like my father did, it becomes UN-treatable.

Rather suck up your pride and make the appointment.