The start of the drive is only 421 days away and the battle is being forged ahead. This weekend I spoke to an entertainer called Emo Adams and he is very keen to ensure that this awareness drive happens. Negotiations with other sponsors is ongoing but nothing is set in concrete yet. I have been having an uphill battle getting to the right people in most of the companies to ensure that the meetings do not need to be repeated a couple of times to ensure that the decision makers hear about the project. 
As soon as I have the permission to place their logos on the site, it will be done and then it is set in concrete that they are either a sponsor or a service provider for the drive.
There might be a small change in the calender as one of the service and supporters of the drive have a massive function on at the same time that we need to get to the South Pole, but I believe that the change would be a minor one. 
I am busy running out of finances to get the drive planning done as there are very few donors to the drive. Maybe I am doing something wrong in promoting donations to the drive. I would appreciate any and all assistance that I can get regarding the boosting of donations towards the drive as the donation funds can not be touched and only the interest earned on the investment account can be utilized for the planning.Oh, what to do?