This morning I realized that I was bad and neglected to do a blog the past week. There was so much happening and time was not enough to get to everything. 
Now for an update on what is happening with the drive. 
I have been keeping the site up to date - except for the blog, my appologies, as well as the Face Book page. Twitter also saw very little of me this last couple of weeks. 
With two projects on the run at the same time, I had to devide my time, but needless to say, Endangered Cat Species Survival Trust has been registered and the related NPO with the same name is also being registered as I am writing this blog. 
The documents to have Pole2poleandback registered as a NPO was done. 
There are a lot of work that gets done behind the scenes that very few people know about. As the planning continues on the drive and the search for sponsors continue, time and money goes by. 
As there are so many small things to think of when orginizing something like this, a lot of people have input into the planning. 
So the planning continue and the search for donations and sponsors continue.
Have a great day and keep healthy.