Who does the family turn to once the patient has passed away for comfort? In some cases the family turn to each other to share the pain of losing a loved one. In some cases the family members are so scattered in this modern era, that it is not always possible that they can spend some face time with their family members, so they turn to the medical fraternity, but a psychologist, although trained to deal with patients, does not always know from personal experience what the patient is experiencing during the grieving period.
If you are separated from family, seek out others that are willing to share their personal battles with the loss of a loved one. They know how they dealt with the loss and know what you are experiencing as they have been through it. It would be good to join a support group where you as a victim of Cancer, can share your feelings and hurt. If no support group exist in your area, why not start a support group by seeking out others with the same experience as yourself. Sharing your pain with others always help and serve as a release valve. Be strong and be open with others because you never know, your experience might save another from depression or even suicide.