When you suspect that there is something wrong or you found a lump that is growing, immediately consult your medical practitioner to make sure that it is nothing. If he/she advise a biopsy, go immediately. This action can save your life in the long run. 
Early detection is key to fighting cancer. My father felt that something was wrong with his body, but like most men, ignored the symptoms. When the pain and discomfort became to severe, he eventually went to the doctor and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In August 2011, he was told that the results of the biopsy and the scans indicated that he is in advanced stage of prostate cancer and it is beyond any treatment.
It was a shock for the whole family. But currently, we are supporting each other and my father as he is weakening by the day. It seem as if the cancer have spread to the lymph nodes and the skeleton. He tires very quickly these days and the pain is increasing on a daily basis.