Morning all. I know that I will be doing the drive all the way. Those that will be doing the whole drive with me will be cancer survivors as a requirement. One of the drivers might be one of the main sponsors, but that will still be discussed. This will be the tree main drivers, and there will hopefully be two relay teams per country.
The idea of the relay teams is that two persons from each country that are survivors will take over from the two drivers from the country that we leave. Example would be the two drivers would hand over to two drivers from the USA at the border. This way, when we travel through the relevant country, we will have individuals that can speak the local language as serve as interpreters at the venues we are visiting. They will also need to share their stories at the events that are arranged in the different towns and cities.
I hope that closer to the date of departure, we will be flooded with individuals that would like to be on the relay teams. Applications to join the drive will be opened as soon as most of the sponsors are in place.
New updates will come through as soon as I know.