Join our Mailing List by forwarding your details to and show your support. Keep up to date and just to chat with us while we are planning the Drive. Like us on Face Book and Twitter. If you would like to get involved with the project in one way or another, please contact us on our contact page with your suggestions and ways that you would like to contribute.

Any donations will be placed on investment at bank @ 6% interest. Project planning will operate on interest earned from the investments. Any funds left at the end of the whole project, will be divided between Cansa and Hospice.

The funds will be handed over to the respective beneficiaries at a function during January 2015. The funds will be utilized for the under privilaged families of patients that can not afford life saving treatment or travel for treatment.  

If you would like to donate to Cansa, please click on their name and follow their instructions. For donations to Hospice, please see instructions on their donation page. If you would like to donate directly to us, you can donate to the drive by PayPal.  

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 Proud Supporters of the Pole2poleandback drive for Cancer Awareness:

Dr Fouche Swannepoel

Vicky Burger

Carla Burger

Johan van Breda

Veronica Van Breda Boucher

Annelien Bouwer

Peter Ivanisevich

Taco Dan

Cora-Mari Strydom

Magda Fourie

Ezanne Jacobs

Jaco Smith

Emo Adams

Wilma Bedford

Jadwiga Zabielski

Awie van der Berg

Megan Mac Hattie

James Fourie

Jacques Fourie

Sune Viviers

Jean Paul Taljaard

Edtmari Coetzee

Rudi Buys

Crystal Truter

Cheryl van Rooyen

Jurie Faber

Markus Lee Saayman

Davide Lacagnina

Rensia Maritz

Jennifer De Villers

Parys Broadcasting

Deetlift van Breda

Bret Bogue

Pou Woute

Ingrid Scholtz Joubert

Liesel De Bruin

Fedora Viljoen

Giovanni Bonilauri

Pauline Jones Kennedy

Desire Hansen

Ellouise Botes Steyn

Patricia Alexandra M

Jacqueline Peyper

Sandra Atmadja

Mercia La Grange

Elsa Tarr

Sergio Manuel Barrero

Carel Serfontein

Ian Burger

Chene Havenga

Tania Engelbrecht

Kalizma Verster

Andries BlitzBonkerz Durandt

Leandri Botha

Edzhard Coetzee

Claudia Beaulah Malan

James Labuschagne

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