The following sponsorships are required in order for the Drive to be a success:


Visas to all the relevant countries for the whole driving team including relief support teams.

Snow mobiles

Jet skis

Motor cycles or trikes

Support vehicles and enclosed trailers

Support equipment for the team-helmets. technical support

Clothing, Arctic, standard travel and desert.

Sun screen and sunglasses




INTERNET services

Solar chargers for equipment

Media coverage


Pamphlets in the different countries being visited.

Medical support

GPS's for tracking

Satellite phones as well as airtime

Web cams as well as photographic equipment

Lodging for team during the Drive

Logistical support

Boat/ship to support jet ski's while crossing the oceans as well as providing fuel and sleeping quarters while on the ocean.

Food while out between cities as well while in the Arctic

Drink and supplements to prevent dehydration.

Any other equipment that would be required to make the Drive a success.

Sponsors banners will appear on the sponsorship page as well as on the front page. Please contact us on the contact page if you or your company will be able to assist in any way to ensure the success of this project. Once you or your company have sponsored some part of the DRIVE, please forward the HTML code for your banner.

The Equipment Sponsor (Contributing Sponsor):

Any equipment sponsored will be visible during the Drive and will have the top spots on the banners that will be displayed at the various venues where we will attend functions. Another area where the equipment donors will get airtime is on the documentary/web casts of the drive. A video will be made as well as a photo book of the Drive where the equipment will be displayed as well as mentioned during the credits of the video. These sponsors will always have their banners displayed with links to their web sites on the home page.

Sole Sponsor. Total funding of the Drive

By being the Main/Sole sponsor of the Pole2poleandback Cancer Awareness Drive 2014, the Main/Sole Sponsor can name the drive and place their Logo’s on the vehicles being used for the drive and name the drive: XXX Pole2poleandback Cancer Awareness Drive 2014.  

The current projected budget for the Drive is $5 million excluding the deposit for the escort ship that will be a Fare Paying Passengers ship.

With all the vehicles being branded and banners displayed at events, exposure would be in all the media formats being used, the Sponsor will get unprecedented exposure worldwide during and after the drive.

Sole and Main Sponsor would also be able to do promotions using the Pole2poleandback Cancer Awareness Drive 2014 as a promotional tool. Sole and Main Sponsors would also have access to the events that will be arranged along the route to promote products at stalls and with marketing material.

Contributing sponsors will have space on the vehicles do display their logo's.

Main Financial Sponsors. ($3 000 000 +)

These sponsors will have their branding displayed on the equipment as well as on the clothing that will be worn during the Drive. Their brand will be displayed during the attendance of various functions on the clothing as well as on the banners. These are the only financial sponsors that will be able to have their banners placed on the home page as well as on the sponsor hot page. Mention of these sponsors will also be made in the photo book as well as the documentary/web cast.

Small Financial Sponsors. ($50 000-$999 999)

These sponsors will have their branding displayed on the Banners at the start of the Drive, the turnaround point and the Finish line at the South Pole. Their banners will also be displayed on the Sponsor Hot Page. Mention of these sponsors will also be made in the photo book.

Large Donors. ($10 000-$49 999)

Names of these donors would appear on the web site and special mention made of their contribution. If these donors prefer, they could remain anonymous.  

Small Donors ($0.01-$9 999.99)

Names of these donors would appear on the web site only. If these donors prefer, they could remain anonymous.  

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