By traveling from Pole to Pole and back, we would like to bring awareness to millions of people about Cancer, that early detection can lead to early treatment, To establish a support group for the families of cancer sufferers and those that lost loved ones, and to raise funds for two non-profit organizations Cansa and Hospice in South Africa. 


I have found that a lot of people know what to look for during a self examination to identify possible signs of cancer, yet, so many do not even do self examinations. There are countries out there that only the fortunate have the required information at hand. It is our mission to inform those that need it most as cancer does not know age, color, sex or wealth. Everybody is affected by this disease from the young to the old. We would like to inform as many people along our path that cancer can be in most cases cured if detected early and treated early.

There is in most cases support for the sufferer, but almost no support for the families of the patient. The family that serve as the support network for the patient also need support from others to deal with their pain and grief, and we would like to encourage the formation of support groups for the families of the patients. 

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